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For our first article, we will concentrate on aviation itself (and in particular aviation in the UK). After which we will focus on different countries and explore how we can use different methods of flying to travel!

Travel from the UK using a PPL (Private Pilot’s Licence)

Aviation is the practical art of aeronautics which is composed of production, operation, development, design and use of aircrafts. Aviation in the UK is generally defined as civil aircraft rather than a commercial air transport flight which operate on a schedule.

London flying classes

the picture above shows me, my friend frank and our dog.


In the UK many a flight school offers aviation lessons. In schools student learn the following subjects:

Air Law Rules, regulations and guidelines of the air.

General knowledge of aero planes-Power plants systems, airframes and instruments.

Flight performance and planning

Human performance and limitations including basic psychology, decision making ,basic physiology and judgments.


Navigation-the art of map reading including the aspect of radio navigation

Principles of flight

Communication-R/T protocols for VFR including failure.

Operational procedures-Flight safety aspects in aviation

microlight LESSONS

Minimum of 25 hours dual including 2 hours spin avoidance training and stall awareness and then 10 hours solo.

A minimum of 5 hours in the 10 hours solo cross-country and one cross country of at least 150 nm with 2 middle full stops landing.

Minimum of 45 hours flight time in which 5 hours may be in flight navigation procedures trainers or by approved simulator.

An additional 5 hours flight for night flying with a 3 hour minimum dual which includes 1 hour of navigation and 5 solo take offs and full stop landings.


A pass mark of 75%

1 hour 30 min Air law

Principles of Flight and aero planes general knowledge for 2 hours

Limitations and human performance for 2 hours

Navigation, operational procedures, flight performance and planning and meteorology for 2 hours.

Skills tested

One section failure requires that section only retest

More than one section failure requires a complete retest.

Any procedure or maneuvers can be repeated once.

Navigation sections last for a must of least 60 minutes and may be a separate test fly.

If flying skills are inadequate examiner have the mandate to stop test.


In theoretical knowledge exams a pass is a must within a duration of 12 months with the remaining pass being valid for 24 months.

A pass in all exams before sitting for skill tests.

It’s compulsory to undertake skill tests within 6 months after completing flying training and the test is on all sections


Learning how to fly opens a world full of possibilities and gives one undisputed freedom to see the whole world. A great British school for learning these flying skills is Cloudbase Aviation

Flying is a career and out of it professional pilots are made. The many jobs in the aviation industry provide a good market for pilots

Flying is a cost effective and convenient method of business and personal travel. One has the mandate to set own travel schedule instead of lining in airports. However, aircraft can be expensive. When one has achieved their licence, it is advisable to find an affordable aircraft to purchase. Maybe buy a cheap microlight for sale to keep costs low?!

Flying is enjoyable. Taking flights and seeing new interesting places is fun. One can take a friend or family or a loved one for lunch in another country, visit the country landmarks and attend meetings or conferences and return back to his or her country in time

Alternatively, you can fly anywhere in the world in a light aircraft. Watch this video of a small single-engine aircraft crossing the Atlantic Ocean…. Amazing!

Private small aircrafts

Small aircrafts require pilots to fly them. Pilots are hired to fly these small airplanes which are owned by individuals and small organizations and schools. In UK there are many air taxes and private plane hire which provide a good ground for employment and experience. For one to fly private planes a special license is required. Private pilot’s license (PPL) is a license for aero planes and helicopters and the license is recognized worldwide and can have extra rating and privileges on it.


LIGHT Aircraft pilots licenses (LAPL) this is a license available for aero planes, helicopters, gliders and balloons. The concept behind it is to come up with a short training course. Its limited to a maximum two tones takeoff weight with not more than three passengers.

National private pilot’s license (micro light). This license is for micro light aircraft which comes in two types and that is flex wing and three axis. Flex wing are open cork pit with a single wing that moves around to control the direction of travel. Three axis are by not far close to traditional light aero planes but fall bellow weight category.

flying lessons london


Many people want to pay less for products and services. The same way people for other services learning to fly come hand in hand with expenses. The best way to do this is to view the expense as an investment with lifetime returns expected. Many schools which train pilots put all cost involved in the training together so one pays as one. It’s advisable to cost research before training on expenses such as exams, supplies and instructors time among many others.

So if you’re interested why not hunt around the internet for a great place to learn to fly – start here

Of course if you have any questions, don’t forget to contact us

From Plumber To Pilot


Everybody wants to advance and become better in the society. The different opportunities granted by various careers are so diverse and extreme making each of us strive for better living every other day. One guy got lucky in our local area and became a pilot from being a mere plumber for Leinster Gas in North London.
There was this man who used to repair bathrooms, sinks, blocked sewage systems and other repairs in the vicinity. He had a great urge of freely floating in air. The plumbing job wasn’t easy so he decided to work just for the pay as he concentrates in flying lessons. After saving a substantial amount, the plumber learns to fly in his spare time.

Raising the money for flying classes is not that easy and getting the papers to enroll in a high class training institute can be tiresome. This guy decided to take his time to get the right contacts and did research on what it takes to be a great pilot. On his daily activities repairing heaters and unblocking drainage systems, he met people from various backgrounds undertaking different careers.

Since he was very social and friendly, he came across a few relevant contacts who could directly get him to flying free in space and exploring the world. His determination led to the big leap in his life of transforming from repairing leaking heaters and sewage systems to flying high class airplanes that carried great business people from all cultures.

The guy started small by taking flying lessons from a private instructor who was one of his clients in his plumbing job. The client was close and did not charge him high rates in the services offered but only required him to fuel his helicopter when he was taking him training. With time, the plumber learned how to navigate the different types of aircraft that are available.

Since the trainer was friendly, he liked the plumber on Facebook, who was now a pilot, to the relevant licensed training institutions. The knowledge acquired from the former training made aviation training a walk over as all the class work was a repeat of what he had practically gone through.

Leinster Gas

After a while, he graduated and got a pilot career with a famous airline company and flew all over the globe. The salary scale was multiplied and this meant more comfortable living standards. The guy and his family including his larger extended relatives got an opportunity to explore the world.

All this he achieved by keeping his dream alive and working tirelessly towards achieving it.